Volunteers – The Unseen Heroes

Volunteers – The Unseen Heroes

Its very easy to get caught up in a blaze of glory as you cross that finish line. And deservedly so… you’ve worked hard, trained and delivered.

However, endurance sports wouldn’t be what they are without one key element – Volunteers.

These are true heroes who give all the support they can without expecting anything in return. They do it just to be a part of the event, to express their appreciation for what YOU do. Their enthusiasm is greater than those fans who throng to stadium. They don’t take sides. They provide encouragement that is genuine and unconditional. They don’t get paid, and that’s just fine with them.

If you’re an athlete, you need to remember that these volunteers are your biggest fan base!

We think they should be given a big round of applause and much more credit than what comes their way. The two videos below are a salute to these magnificent people who make events happen (literally)! It’s from the Ironman  events and we’re glad the cameras turned around and captured this side of the event.

If this inspires you, then go ahead and volunteer for your local event. Its gratifying and a ton of fun. Take a look…




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